Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cafe Lily-Decatur, GA

Recently, we visited Cafe Lily in downtown Decatur, Georgia. This small and seemingly informal restaurant is actually a well-known Decatur eatery. The menu offers a multiplicity of options for vegetarians, seafood lovers, and carnivores!

AMBIANCE 19 out of 25 points

Before we begin with our critique of Cafe Lily's ambiance, we'd like to mention that while we did go into the restaurant briefly, we sat outside. We are certain that our critique would have been different, had we sat inside. With that said, however, the outdoor seating was very cramped. Only two planted bushes separated us from the parking lot and the street. Sitting in one of the chairs caused me nearly to tumble backward onto the ground! However, from what we observed, the indoor seating was very pleasant. There were white linen table cloths covering the tables with complementing linen napkins. The water goblets and plates were also very tastefully decorated, as was the decor on the inside of the restaurant.

We were given menus for wine, specialty cocktails, and dinner. However, the menus did appear a bit soiled.

SERVICE 23 out of 25 points

Our server was quite friendly and saw to it that we were well taken care of! She was quick to offer suggestions, ask about our food once we received it, and was happy to return an unsatisfactory serving of mashed potatoes to the kitchen. She was present when necessary and absent when necessary. We were quite satisfied.

FOOD 17 out of 25 points

The food was costly for what we were served. Both of us had a chicken dish, but after we were served, we realized that we could have very easily made both dishes at home for a fraction of the cost. While the food was good, we were looking for a culinary experience that was a treat for us. We were satisfied by the food, but not impressed.

COST 18 out of 25 points

We ordered an appetizer to share and two entrees and our total bill was around $50. When we saw the menu, we immediately began thinking of ways to minimize the cost of the meal, as the entrees were extremely expensive. Instead of ordering what we really wanted, we were forced to order cheaper dishes because of the price.

However, we did feel that the pricing of the drinks and some of the salads and soups were adequate. We feel that dining at Cafe Lily for lunch would also be more cost-effective.

FINAL SCORE 77 out of 100 = C (Adequate)

When all was said and done, we were satisfied with our meal, but not at all impressed with our experience at Cafe Lily. On subsequent visits, we will consider sitting indoors and dining only at lunch.

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